C. R. Saini Sr. Sec. Public School was established in 1988 (By Mr. D. R. SAINI under C. R. Saini Educational society) in the Memories and as a tribute to great and visionary Sh. Chajju Ram Saini (An Educationalist) whose dream had been to provide the children an education and environment that nourishes them and nurtures them to be the future of India that is capable of taking the country and the humanity altogether to new heights. Since then the School has been doing just that.

Starting from a very few poor family children as students it now has over thousand students coming from all streams of society but represents the same colour, the colour of CRSPS that means :
Confident – Responsible – Spontaneous – Pacific & Superbly Equivalent.

The School is recognized by Delhi Govt. and is also affiliated to C.B.S.E up-to class 12th . And the school now have an ISO 2001-9000 certification. That makes it a certified school with best quality standards available. The school has become a symbol of success and integrity. Our students have reached to greatest of the heights and now leads the country by becoming I.A.S., IPS, Scientists and sportsmen. And the school continues to improve and contribute to the wellness of the society and the humanity. Our vision is to invite all who pass through our corridors to enter into a field of dreams, where the wonderment of learning can reach its full potential.

Here every student is recognized as gifted and talented. Our school exemplifies a social structure where ideas, relationships and intellectual adventures flourish. That’s all but not all that we do and intends to do with each passing day and each tingling moment. For over 23 years the school has been a symbol of success, trust, perfection, reliability and sheer belief amongst the people of this area and everybody who ever came in touch with this institution. Everyone has been pleasantly astonished by the school’s vision & dedication and moreover the discipline that moulds even the shakiest of the pupils to come in the terms of sincerity and decency hence becoming a responsible and hardworking student producing splendid results.

In spite of all the grounded adversities and monetary limitations the school has been able to provide every best possible educational aid and facilities to the students on such a nominal fee. From being the first school to have a full flashed computer lab. In late 90’s to providing the students with a proper basketball court the school been ahead with the times and ahead of the others in providing practical and meaningful education. School’s environment allows for each child to self-direct play activities and provides an abundance of time for them to explore, create, experiment and express themselves.

School is committed to continuing professional development of staff to extend skills and keep in touch with current industry practice and standards. The school promises to keep reaching new heights providing ambitious, potentially capable and responsible citizens to the country.